Homecoming Thank You!


SCNPTO would like to give a huge THANK-YOU to all those who made Homecoming such a success.

THANK YOU to Kristine Hahn who spear headed refreshments at the dance. It’s a big job and what an awesome job she did! She had wonderful helpers:

  • Andrew Hahn
  • Patrick Keane
  • Jill McGraw
  • Barb Janchik
  • Doug Janchik

Thank s to those who helped with ticket sales during the week of Homecoming:

  • Joni DeDobbelaere
  • Donna Zocher
  • Melissa Jao
  • Debbie Steele
  • Suzanne Lilly
  • Sarah Kallas
  • Ellen Salyards

And thanks to ALL those who donated water bottles. The list is too big to list which is a huge statement showing how lucky we are to have so many who support our community. 



Thanks to all the volunteers who donated food for the testing students and helped on the day of the test. Your support is much appreciated. 

  • Kris Horvath, 
  • Kathleen Bruns 
  • Jenny O'Brien 
  • Jennifer Boeke
  • Lori Jean Dal Degan
  • Suzanne Lilly
  • Abbe Gunnink
  • Diane Piontek 
  • Laura Thomas 
  • Kris Leonard 
  • Alexia Garcia
  • Jennifer Boeke
  • Marlo Torres
  • Geri Denson
  • Marianne Dehut
  • Carolyn Villanueva
  • Beverly Nesbit 
  • Anna Kotvan
  • Laura Donohoo
  • Jane Harland
  • Diane Fries
  • Susannah Lesswing
  • Leann Look
  • Beverly Nesbit 
  • Terry Hamer
  • Sherry Larson
  • Michele Claney 
  • Valerie Landbo
  • Diane Piontek 
  • Donna Linn
  • Jane Harland
  • Toni Palan
  • Theresa Dellarmi
  • Kim Klebe
  • Denise Skwierawski
  • Monica Srocki
  • Michelle Bancroft
  • Joni DeDobbelaere
  • Silvia Ridle
  • Mireille Gross-Page