Dinner For Our Fantastic Teachers


Thanks to everyone for making our parent/teacher conference dinner such a success! 

Alberta Crescenzo, Marisol Acevedo, Jean Del Rosario, Laura Donohoo, Rolly Adedara, Valerie Landbo, Joanna Stingen Meyers, Coleen Forsythe, Karen Rivara, Nora Kadolph, Laurie Layne, Leann Look, Stephanie Krantz, Kelly Leahy, Lori Jean Dal Degan, Kris Horvath, Camille Keegan, Cheryl Nakfoor, Leslie Reed, Elba Karim, Donna Linn, Jenny Montgomery, Michelle Bancroft, Marlo Torres, Jenny O’Brien, C. Borer, Leah Lee, Silvia Ridle, Jane Harland and Ellen Salyard who donated the beautiful cornucopias that were raffled off to our staff.

A very special thank you to Kim Klebe who made it all happen. Thank you Kim!

And congratulations to our Cornucopia raffle winners, Melinda Roberts and Amy Collins.