Homecoming Thank You!


SCNPTO would like to give a huge THANK-YOU to all those who made Homecoming such a success.

THANK YOU to Kristine Hahn who spear headed refreshments at the dance. It’s a big job and what an awesome job she did! She had wonderful helpers:

  • Andrew Hahn
  • Patrick Keane
  • Jill McGraw
  • Barb Janchik
  • Doug Janchik

Thank s to those who helped with ticket sales during the week of Homecoming:

  • Joni DeDobbelaere
  • Donna Zocher
  • Melissa Jao
  • Debbie Steele
  • Suzanne Lilly
  • Sarah Kallas
  • Ellen Salyards

And thanks to ALL those who donated water bottles. The list is too big to list which is a huge statement showing how lucky we are to have so many who support our community.