Thank you to all the parents and organizations who volunteer throughout the year! Get involved and help make more happen!

Chair positions needed now (2017-2018)

Junior SAT Test Day Chair (April 10, 2018)- Purchase test snacks and hand them out on test day.

Sign-Up Genius Volunteer Chair- Work with Board and other Chairs to set up Sign-Up Genius that requests volunteers or donations for events throughout the school year. Looking for volunteer to work with current chair to take over next school year. Great easy position to do from home.

Next School Year (2018-2019)

Homecoming Chair- Coordinate volunteers for ticket sales; purchase water and cookies for dance; drop off and set up water and cookies; coordinate and work with volunteers on dance night at refreshment table. 

Stargazer Mailings- Coordinate mailings of the Stargazer newspaper; includes postage, labels and preparing for mailing. 

Holiday Hospitality Events- Coordinate treats for facility for Halloween and Valentine’s Day; includes set up and clean up on event day.

Teacher Conference Dinner- Plan and coordinate teacher dinner for November conference dinner. Includes set up and clean up with volunteers. 

Senior Graduation Signs- Order and organize signs for distribution; coordinate and work with volunteers during distribution.

Interested in helping but not chairing an event, here’s some options for you!

  • Material Pick Up Days
  • Senior Breakfast (senior parents for 2018/9 school year) 
  • Homecoming Ticket Sales 
  • Homecoming refreshments table
  • Bi-Annual Heart Screening
  • Teacher Conference Dinner
  • Post Prom Ticket Sales
  • Post Prom Event
  • Teacher Appreciation Lunch
  • Graduation Yard Sign Delivery

In addition, sign-ups are occasionally sent out for donation of  items for events! (Water, cookies, etc...)



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